Page last updated 26 January 2017

Our Services 

  • Audit and Risk Management

    Our internal audit, risk and insurance service brings a systematic and disciplined approach to the evaluation of our partner and customer organisations, enabling them to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the services they provide.

  • Democratic Services

    Our Democratic Services Team provides high quality professional support and advice to those involved in the formal decision making processes for Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils.

  • HR Advisory

    Our HR professionals will work with services to develop workable solutions to complex organisational and people management issues.

  • HR Policy and Strategy

    We provide a comprehensive HR policy and strategy support service which ensures that our customers employment policies are up to date, legally compliant and fit for purpose for their organisation.

  • IT Services

    Over 150 technical experts are on hand to provide strategic guidance, systems development and reliable operational service delivery across multiple sites and environments.

  • LGSS Law Ltd

    Founded as a shared service of LGSS, LGSS Law Ltd is a wholly owned Local Authority law firm, specialising in services to the Public Sector.

  • Learning & Development

    Our highly experienced learning and development professionals provide a range of services including training courses, qualifications, online learning, apprenticeships and bespoke training as well as leadership, management and change expertise.

  • Pensions Service

    Our highly skilled pensions team have an in-depth knowledge of pensions legislation and of the Local Government, Police Officer and Fire Fighters Pensions Schemes.

  • Professional Finance

    The LGSS Finance service co-ordinates the strategic financial capital and investment planning for our partners and customers.

  • Procurement Services

    We provide a comprehensive range of complementary procurement services associated with public and not-for-profit organisations.

  • Revenues and Benefits

    LGSS Revenues and Benefits is one of the largest revenues and benefits services in the country providing a well-established and complete operational solution to partners.

  • Schools and academies

    We offer a wide range of professional and transactional business support servicesto support your school or academy.

  • Transactions

    The LGSS Transactions Team provides a wide range of transactional services to multiple public sector organisations.

  • Language Service

    Language Service provides professional and confidential interpretation and translation services with qualified and skilled interpreters who have experience of health and social care requirements.