Page last updated 10 January 2017

Norwich City Council renews its LGSS partnership and signs a new five year agreement starting April 2017 

Norwich City Council has renewed its shared services partner agreement with LGSS which continues the successful provision of a number of services to the council for another five years from April 2017.

The agreement was officially signed on Thursday 22 December, and covers a number of vital business services to the city council, including:

• Finance for all professional and transactional services
• Internal Audit & Risk, including counter fraud services
• ICT services
• Insurance services

LGSS has successfully provided these services to Norwich City Council since 2012 and this renewed agreement underlines their confidence in the ability of LGSS to deliver cost effective, high quality services as a leading UK public-to-public shared services provider.

John Kane, Managing Director of LGSS said: “I am absolutely delighted that Norwich City Council has chosen to renew its shared services relationship with LGSS for another five years, and we look forward to developing and investing in the growth of LGSS shared services presence in the region in the coming years. All public service organisations face major budgetary challenges and LGSS is committed to providing cost effective, innovative shared services to help our public sector partners meet those challenges."