Page last updated 16 June 2017

LGSS Payroll and HR Transactions service retains Customer Service Excellence Award 

The LGSS Payroll and HR Transactions service has been independently recognised with a Customer Service Excellence Award for the second year running, achieving an improved rating (called Compliant Plus).

The experienced and dedicated team provides a comprehensive payroll service, achieving a 99.5% accuracy rate, including approximately:

• 20,000 employees paid every month, with many variable pay and travel claims
• 330 new starters implemented every month
• 350 leavers processed every month
• 180 schools and academies receiving services
• 13 payrolls administered
• 30,000 pensioners paid every month
• 600 TUPE transfers in the last two months

LGSS has recently completed four major payroll audits in three months, checking the records of all employees listed on a payroll for accuracy, including the hours they work and the rate they are paid to improve the level of accuracy and reduce the risk of errors occurring in payroll runs. The audits were all completed on time, with each of them providing ‘substantial assurance’ of the processes in place and level of accuracy, demonstrating the robust controls and procedures in place to ensure compliancy and operate at the highest standard.

Martin Cox, HR Director at LGSS, said: “I’m delighted that LGSS Payroll and HR Transactions has been independently recognised with this award. It underlines the results from the LGSS annual customer satisfaction survey which shows that 72% of respondents overall are rating the Payroll and HR Transactions service as excellent, good or satisfactory; an increase of 18% from 2015 to this year. One of the benefits of shared services is reducing business support costs, offering more value for money for stakeholders while maintaining high quality service delivery.”

The service is also undertaking extensive testing of ERP Gold, a new finance and HR enterprise resource planning system, due to launch in 2017. The system, which will be used by over 20,000 employees across LGSS and its partner organisations, is expected to generate cumulative savings of £9.86m for LGSS’ partners over seven years, through highly competitive licensing agreement and economies of scale as well as streamlining processes.