Page last updated 15 June 2016

Our Portfolio 

Since its launch in 2010, LGSS has continued to grow and in 2015/16 operates with a total operational (gross) budget of c£88m pa. LGSS provides the full range of strategic, professional, operational and transactional services to many organisations across the public sector.

We aim to deliver service improvements and efficiency savings which feed through to our public sector customers to help them sustain their front line citizen services. All of our customers benefit from improved service quality and a much broader pool of skilled staff to deliver the best possible, resilient business support services.

Regional presence

LGSS operates from its main offices in Cambridge, Kettering, Milton Keynes, Norwich and Northampton, and is ideally situated to provide services across the neighbouring regions. LGSS provides business support for hundreds of organisations across the region including:

  • District and Borough councils
  • Schools and Academies
  • Health Trusts and various emergency services
  • Pension funds
  • Charities

Strength to deliver

Whether your organisation is large or small, LGSS has people, systems, knowledge and skills in place to support your needs. Here are some facts and figures:

  • Winners of LGC 2011 Finance Team of the Year award. The team is responsible for supporting 850 budget managers and has a net operating budget of £773 million
  • Human Resource and Organisation Development experts who provide services to 30,000 employees as well as liaising with all recognised public sector unions
  • The Property Asset Management team manages a portfolio of more than 1,000 properties as well as assets valued at £1.8 billion
  • Our specialist Procurement Team deal with £750 million of contract negotiations
  • Our experienced Payroll Team provides payrolls for over 54,000 people
  • Transactional procedures, including the processing of over 720,000 invoices per annum using the world leading Oracle ERP systems
  • Our Pensions Team support over 24,000 pensioners for several Pension Trusts
  • Our IT services for over 12,500 IT users operates at one of the lowest cost per user of any UK council
  • A Lexel accredited legal service offering specialist and in-depth knowledge