Page last updated 21 April 2016

Our Origins 

LGSS is one of the largest shared service ventures in the UK and has grown from an original shared services partnership created by Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils back in October 2010 to now include a third full partner. From 1st April 2016 the strategic partnership between Cambridgeshire County Council and Northamptonshire County Council expanded to include Milton Keynes Council, as a full partner with LGSS and a member of the LGSS Joint Committee.

Regional presence

Now with over 1800 people LGSS has major site operations and staff based in Cambridge, Norwich, Kettering, Huntingdon, Northampton and Milton Keynes and we operate through the immediate regions. We continue to grow steadily with other local authority, health trusts, schools and many other public sector bodies that require good quality, sustainable and cost effective business support services that help our customers transform their front line services to the public.

Strength in depth to deliver

LGSS provides the full range of professional and business support services to the public sector, LGSS is able to support a broad spectrum of customer needs. With in-depth resources to call upon we can offer the flexibility, resilience and necessary scale that many organisations need today, whilst still delivering their necessary ‘back office’ savings challenges and at the same time supporting our public sector customers with their front line service delivery challenges.

Versatile partner

Our customers vary from schools and health trusts, to emergency services and district, borough & county councils. We offer both one-off and/or full-scope business support services, including payroll services, full-range financial services, HR Advisory and Recruitment, Revenues & Benefits, Audit & Risk, Pensions Administration, Procurement, all types of IT Services and Legal Services.

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