Page last updated 21 March 2017

About Us 

LGSS is a shared service jointly owned by Cambridgeshire County Council, Milton Keynes Council and Northamptonshire County Council. LGSS was established in October 2010 through the merger of the Corporate Services operations of Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils into a single, shared service providing all professional, transactional and operational services to both organisations.

Since then LGSS has secured major new partnerships across the region with many other public service organisations including several district and borough Councils (e.g. Norwich City Council and Northampton Borough Council), also NHS Health Bodies like Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (NHFT) , Adult Care Services (e.g. Olympus Care Services), Northampton Partnership Homes, plus providing services to hundreds of local academies and schools. In addition from 1st April 2016 Milton Keynes Council became a full legal partner with LGSS with representation on the Joint Committee.

Our Business Ethos

LGSS has a business ethos based on being 'for the public sector' and operates on an open partnership with a joint risk/reward business model, whereby all savings are shared between LGSS and its customers, so it operates on a ‘not for profit’ basis whereby all efficiency savings stay within the public sector. This allows LGSS to operate as a genuine trusted partner when compared to private sector based partnership alternatives. In operation since 2010, LGSS now has over 1,800 staff providing services to over 300 public sector customers in our region

LGSS’s growth is focused on the local region and within the wider public sector which means we stay very close to our customers and keep staff local, which best positions LGSS to help enable better joint and inter-working across the various local public services partnerships; be that health, local government, education or the emergency services.

Working with NHFT means we are also well placed to enable better joint working with related health and care services across our region.

Our Values

LGSS prides itself on the values the organisation and its staff work towards:

Customer Focused -

• I understand my customers’ requirements and am focused on delivering their outcomes
• I strive to deliver continuous improvement and challenge the status quo
• I am proactive in seeking new ways to improve our customers' experience
• I listen to my customers’ issues and always strive to address them

Trusted -

• I deliver on my promises and accept responsibility
• I am approachable and communicate openly
• I have integrity and exercise professional judgement
• I treat my customers and LGSS colleagues with respect

Expert -

• I am expert at applying my knowledge to improve our customers' experience
• My advice is sought and drives service improvement
• I am valued for my skills and expertise
• I am recognised for my professional knowledge
• I am innovative and keep ahead of the game

Think as One Deliver as One -

• I work with my LGSS colleagues as one team
• I champion breaking down barriers to improve cross team working
• I share and seek to learn from best practice
• I use technology and e-business tools to enable
me to work flexibly, remotely and across locations

Innovation - 

• I am creative and flexible in the way that I work, always looking for the best way to achieve my goals 
• I embrace change and continuously look for ways to improve how I do things 
• I understand I am part of a wider organisation and the way in which I work impacts on others 
• I actively try to learn from other people and other organisations to ensure I am working in the most efficient way 
• I welcome the use of new technology to help me work in a more effective way

Strategic Themes

There are two strategic themes underpinning our LGSS strategy for the next few years and beyond, namely:

  • partner of choice’ for public sector shared services
  • growing our business with like-minded customers within the east of England region.
The above themes are essential to the long-term success of LGSS, and in delivering our business plan and achieving the LGSS vision to become ‘the most highly regarded public sector shared service and business transformation partner of choice.’

Moreover, LGSS is totally customer-focused as a service organisation and this is an exciting time for everyone associated with LGSS and we look forward to grasping the many opportunities we have ahead of us. To ensure we succeed, the LGSS management team will need to continue developing the capabilities of LGSS as an organisation on a number of fronts.